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PostSubject: !READ BEFORE POST FORMS!    Fri Jan 16, 2015 1:20 pm

Hey Guys we decide to adopt out future Puppies and re-adopts now on our secret WoI-Forum.


Before you think about adopt one, we are a forum with guys who want to play, draw and speak with you, we are friendly and want to play with our brothers and sisters, so don´t try for one if you don´t have time for it. We are not a simple adoption-page where you can choose one and take it away and never come back again.

Step 1:

Answer some questions first.

1. Do I really want one?
2. Do I really like to keep it?
3. Do I want to give it back if I don´t have time anymore or don´t want it anymore?
4. Do I really care for it?
5. Do I will play rpgs with it or draw it?

If you can answer all questions with "yes" then you can try for one.


Step 2:


~You may ask any question you can think at and it's not clear stated here.

~ You don´t steal, trance, copy, miss-use or sell anything from this Forum, all ideas and designs are copyright by me TheWolfsgirl90/Jani Canis or I will go higher ways and it will cost you if you hurt copyright.

~ Warrior of Isket are Wolf cross breeds and they should stay this way! NO Humans or Anthro and no Normal Wolves!

~ Do not choose a mate bevor you win it!

~If YOU adopt a WoI and don´t be active for a long time, your WoI will go to Death list and will be officially declared dead and it´s really hard to come back into community. You can hinder it if you ONLY log in once or twice a week here on Forum - at least once a Month.

~ Warrior of Isket could only be used in the WoI themed RP! NO other non-WoI RP

~ If you don´t follow the rules, you will no longer be a WOI Member or Owner.


Step 3:

Form Rules

~ You may NOT copy anything at all from someone else's form.

~ You may order art from someone else.

~ You may NOT start posting forms until it is open.

~ You may re-use things from your older forms if you have applied for a WoI before

~ Limit of Story/History are 700 words

~ Just fill out the Forms!!! No extras!!! Don´t make a topic/thread or a big Profile as long as you  
  don´t own or you will be disqualificated.

~ please do not use pictures that don´t be connected with Woi, meaning free pictures from google or
 other searching machines
~ If you own a WoI you can´t apply in a special for an second WoI, till you were active with your
 first WoI for 5 Month!


Questions & Answers

1. Can I buy a custom W.O.I. ?


2. Can I have a permission to create one?


3. Can I adopt more then one?

At least 2 WoI

4. How do I win or fill out a form for a WoI?

Well, I'm sure you know what a form is but incase you don't here is the definition: It's a document or organized set of spaces in which to insert facts or answers. The form for WoI will request that you fulfill answering/inserting everything it lists (fully complete the form) in order for you to be counted amoung the applicants. If you do not finish by the deadline you do not get counted as a possible winner.

Not every form we write has the exact same set of information you need to give, but we do have some set rules that are always included, i.e. Story, Art, and possible Armor concept. Personality would be good to come up with too, but it's mainly if you plan to RP.

The form will look something like this:

   Armor Concept:
   Add ons:

5. But how do you do art..

Well you can use Oekaki on CS or if you enjoy or own some other program like Gimp, Photoshop, SAI... etc. etc. You may use those or you can do traditional art and scan it in then use the direct url code to upload it to your post that has your application on it. (To have or get a url code for art you do in Non-Oekaki art you need to upload it to an Image Hosting site, i.e. photobucket.com, tinypic.com, imageshack.com etc.)

6.What about armor?

As far as armor goes (this is covered on the WoI page) you have to have a side plate/s, chest plate/s, back plate/s and helmet... So no kronador will eat you! Do not copy or heavily reference from an armor that has already been made; I can't stress that enough. Though coming up with an armor concept would be a bonus you do not necessarily need to come up with on your own if you don't feel comfortable. If you win the WoI you may ask anyone on the WoI board to help you design an armor. But that is only after you win the WoI.

7. Story?

Well if you read about WoI's you'll know what is going on and have a better image about how they live. You can also check the WoI RP and read some of the posts (those are good to read). You may write about any stage (puphood, teenhood, adulthood) anything as long as it is related to the species and their history. If it doesn't match then you wont have a good chance at winning.

8. Where could I find more informations?



9. I have more questions who could I ask?



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