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 RULES: WoI for Guests

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PostSubject: RULES: WoI for Guests   Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:14 am

Warriors of Isket.

Warriors of Isket are an copyright species by TheWolfsgirl90 / Jani Canis/Rayo the Leader.To use it without permission or stealing anything from it will be legal prosecuted. It count to Stealing of intellectual property and it´s an crime, that will punished legally.

Main Rules:

Quote :

1. Rayo is the Owner of the species means, each design that was created belongs to Rayo, you only was an holder of one of them,if you break any rules than i have the right to take it back. Even because you don´t buy it and the rights, these are free adoption in an closed species.

2. WoI´s can´t given away by the holder to another holder, they also can´t be traded away, or sold away or deleted by the holder, anything goes to the Owner of the Species.

3.  If you don´t want your Woi anymore than you need to contact me (Rayo) here, on Chickensmoothie(TheWolfsgirl90) or on Deviantart (TheWolfsgirl90)

4. You can´t create one by your own, without the permission of the Owner of the species, Customs are only given out in events.

5. Bullying, harassment, yelling, drama, fights and agony was not allowed on the whole Forum and in this community.

6. Try not to spam! We want to keep our W.o.I. boards clean.

7. All information and stories created on this site have to/will stay here. Of course, only for your safe.

8. Only Members have access to watch more, if you want to be an part of it you need at least ONE WoI, you can adopt on our Adoption center.

9. Warriors of Isket are an Wolf cross breed and they should stay this way! NO Humans, or Anthro, and no Normal Wolves!

10. You can at least own 2 WoI adopted in normal ways, but there are always chances to win more with events and specials.

11. Do not take Warriors of isket to other communities.(exept CS and DA)

~ Concept of WoI was to be active with them , to give them an life and not to let it rotten in your hoarding of Characters.~

Adoption Rules:

Quote :

1. Only try-out for one when you was sure to work with them, to give them an personality in our community.

2. If you own a WoI you can´t apply in a special for an second WoI, till you were active with your first WoI for 5 Month!

3.If you was inactive for the first 5 Month after adoption, it will be re-adopted without to ask you.

4. If YOU adopt a WoI and don´t be active for a 6 month it goes to remain as death list (Grey Area), if you are longer inactive your WoI will go to Death list and will be officially declared dead and it´s really hard to come back into community. You can hinder it if you ONLY log in once or twice a week here on Forum - at least once a Month.

5. You can´t take one without to try out for it.You need to work for one if you want one.

6. You don´t steal, trance, copy, miss-use or sell anything from this Forum, all ideas and designs are copyright by me TheWolfsgirl90/Jani Canis

7. You can´t apply for an other person, yo can only apply for your own, also if you adopted one another person CAN´T care for it, you need to care for it.

Mate Rules:

Quote :

1.You can´t decide an mate before you didn´t own an WoI, also you can´t decide it until your WoI reached the age of 1 Year and 8 month.

2. You can´t keep any pup from the litter you breed, unless you don´t have an free sport or an special permission given to TheWolfsgirl90/Rayo_the_leader.

3. WoI-Litter will only be created by choosen artists, the owner of the parents are NOT alllowed to create fake puppies.

4. You can´t breed you WoI without the permission of the Owner of the mate or an other WoI.

5. The Woi are not ready to breed before they are together since 4 weeks.

6. WoI-Litters will be annouced one month before they will be created also the number of puppies.

7. Mates shouldn´t have an age-gap of at least 2,5 years and they was not allowed to inbreed.

8. To change the mate was not allowed if they already have an litter.They can only be changed when the mate was on permanent Death list, but you are not allowed so far to have another litter.
Only WoI´s without an past litter are allowed.

9. To time WoI can only breed once in their life, it´s still in discussion, whether it will be changed in future.

10. To time same-gender mates are not allowed, it´s in discussion to change maybe.

Art Rules:

Quote :

1. Art-theft, trancing, copings,stealing or any thing else, that hurt the copyright was NOT allowed in our Community and  get punished really hard.

2. Please post only images which are rightful owned by you, if you don´t own an image please credit it and link it back.

3. Report Art theft to us, if someone use YOUR WoI-design or art let us know, because we take care of it also off-site!

4. Please respect the artist on WoI-community and if the litter take more time to be created, than just relax and wait it´s worth.

5. Anything you saw here on WoI of art, stay on WoI and was not allowed to be post off-site.

Chat Rules:

Quote :

1. Please keep the chat age appropriate, because there are members under 18 years.

2. Bullying, harassment, yelling, drama, fights and agony was not allowed.

3. NO negative talk about other users.This should be common sense, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Offenders will be given a warning/strike based on how severe the offense.  

4. If you have a problem, PM one of the Main Moderators about it so we can find a way to fix it! As of now, because of the issue at hand, problems are not to be spoken of in the chat. It is a very indirect and unsure way to fix them.We want to do our best to make things better, but if you do not tell us what the problem is we cannot fix it.

5. NO negative chatter about other species/organizations/etc,t´s not allowed to negative post about other species and the staff, the Owner don´t want to be ranted or yelled and we also don´t want it.BUT You are still allowed to talk about them/RP them and whatnot, but as SOON as the conversation gets sour, the offender(s) will be issued a warning.

Examples: JBD, Kiamaras,Plumerian a.s.o

Role-Play Rules:

Quote :

1. Please keep the Role-Play age appropriate, because there are members under 18 years.

2. Role play with WoI, should stay here on WoI-Community, we have an big section of it, feel free to write down your adventures.

3. WoI can only be use in WoI-related RP´s, so please don´t mix them with other species.

4. RP´s will be closed after inactivity of 4 weeks, if you want that it should be open again please contact an RP-Moderator.

5. Massive gore, Violence or sexual descriptions are not allowed.

So, if anything was not clear, please feel free to ask for it.


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RULES: WoI for Guests
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